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We are a leader in the litigation support industry. Our experienced staff and network of process servers are eager to assist you locally in the Charlotte metro area, throughout the state of North and South Carolina. Nationwide service is available.

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PPS will domesticate your service.

The act of domesticating, or making a legal instrument recognized and enforceable in a jurisdiction foreign to the one in which the instrument was originally issued or created.

PPS will also file motions in established cases.

The court charges a fee.

Domestication is the process of opening a case in the Carolinas.

Services Offered

  • Foreclosure/eviction
  • Domestication/conversion of out of state papers
  • Court House Runner
  • Filing of complaint
  • Filing of subpoena
  • Finding people
  • Finding information about people

Other services are available upon request.

What is Process Service?

“Process Service” means delivering legal papers to an individual or business, using specific legal rules that make it impossible to deny the documents were received. North Carolina law requires certain documents be “personally served” – meaning the documents must be delivered to the person being served and no one else. In the case of a business, the head office must be served in a particular way. Or perhaps the business has designated an agent to accept service. Either way, our professional process servers know how to serve the papers. Then we file a formal declaration with the Court, to establish the date, time, and location where the service took place.

Process service is a necessary part of the legal process. Due process of law requires that process service be done RIGHT. By using Premier Process Server, you can be sure your court papers will be served in a professional manner, and in strict compliance with the law. Your case is on the line. Don’t scrimp on this crucial phase of the legal process! You could pay for it later, with a case dismissal, or a defendant’s legal motions or evasive tactics. Go with the professionals at Premier Process Server.

We are process serving professionals

We understand the legal rules, and the local court rules in all counties we serve. Because of our experience working around the courts, we understand the complexities. This experience and expertise is crucial when you need to serve legal documents.

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Need to find someone? We can help.

Skip Tracing is the process of learning somebody’s whereabouts. Whether you are owed money, or are needing to find someone for a personal matter – we can help.

Premier Processing offers timely and reliable skip tracing services.  No matter why you are requesting skip tracing, your privacy will always be important to us.

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