3 day routine services going to businesses within Charlotte metro area. Rural areas may incur a $15 surcharge.

Process serving to residential addresses starts at $85.00 for routine service

Rates are per defendant/per address; price includes up to 3 attempts or deemed un-serveable (i.e., bad address, unable to effect service within the 3 attempts) whichever comes first at one address.

(Discounts may be available for multiple serves at the same address. Service fees are non-refundable in the event of non service)

Prices include: Serving your papers, preparing proof of service for you to file with the court and substituted service mailing if required.


Routine service ($85.00): First attempt is within 3 business days. We will make 3 attempts over 7-10 days
Rush – 24 hour service ($150.00.): First attempt within 24 hours
Do today rush ($200,00): Attempted same day we receive it

Rural area fees Upcharges may apply

Proof of service and supporting forms:
Once service is complete we will send the proof of service to you. If you would like our office to file it with the court, your request must be in writing and there are additional costs of $35 & up.

Court services:

Rate includes initial trip and first 15 minutes of wait/research time

Local pick-up $45.00
Advance fee charge 10% or $2.50 (whichever is greater)
Routine filings $100.00

Wait/research time $75.00 per hour.
Rush handling $20.00 & up

We prepare all supporting documents that are required to open a file with the sheriff and serve. We do need certain original forms from you to begin.